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La Jolla Grooming and Spa For Cats in LA JOLLA, CA

When it comes to cat grooming, the first question that comes to mind is, "Don't cats groom themselves?"
Although cats are excellent at grooming themselves naturally, they occasionally require a little help to feel or look their best. Cat owners understand that their feline companions, like other animals, require grooming. Nothing beats a little pampering to make your pet feel special. La Jolla Grooming Company is a professional pet grooming facility focusing on personalized pet care and treatment using the latest techniques and products. Grooming your cat with the right products can make life easier for them. Our trained, qualified professional cat groomers at La Jolla Grooming strive to make the grooming experience for your cat fun and relaxed to minimize stress.

Our Mondays are reserved for cat grooming and bathing. "MEOW MONDAYS" is what we call it.

Meow Monday

Cat Grooming and Bathing Services

For cats, some formulas can be detrimental to health. A professional groomer can advise you on the best cat shampoos for your specific cat. The tongue and saliva of a cat do nothing more than move dirt around. Shampoos and tools for trimming, shortening, and cleaning a cat's coat are required for grooming. If you need home grooming tips for your cats, don't hesitate to contact our cat groomer to discuss your pet's specific needs. Ask our certified cat groomer for advice if you need any help with at-home cat grooming. We will be happy to address your pet's personal needs.

Cat Bathing / Medical Bathing

At La Jolla Grooming, pamper your cat with a relaxing bathing experience.
We have the training skills and cat grooming experience to make your cat look beautiful with minimal stress. La Jolla Grooming provides breed-specific grooming services such as bathing, blow-drying, and flea treatment. Our professional groomers use a gentle hypo-allergenic shampoo to remove fleas from your pet. To be safe, consult your veterinarian before beginning any flea treatment. A follow-up flea bath within 2-3 weeks of your initial grooming appointment is highly recommended to keep your cat flea-free.

Nail Trimming

Trimming a cat's claws every few weeks is essential to keeping your pet healthy. Nail trimming keeps your cat's claws from breaking and can save your sofa, curtains, and other household items. Nail trims every month are an excellent way for young to adult cats to keep their nails at the proper length and remove the sharp hook tip. Since a cat's claws must be trimmed every two weeks, getting your cat used to at-home trims is essential. Ask for advice from our professional groomer.

Ear Cleaning

Cat ear cleaning is an essential part of your cat's hygiene routine.

During your feline's grooming visit, we thoroughly clean and inspect their ears for wax build-up or ear infections. A minimum of once every two weeks, check your cat's ears. Cleaning your cat's ears requires no special equipment other than a high-quality ear-cleaning solution, cotton balls, and treats to reward your cat. We recommend scheduling a professional cleaning appointment at least four to six weeks in advance.

Sanitary Trims

A sanitary trim is the process of shaving or clipping a cat's coat to shorten it in areas where urine or feces could become trapped. For cats with longer hair, sanitary trims are recommended to reduce the risk of infection and make clean-up easier for owners. If you have any worries, let your groomer know so they can respond accordingly. A clean cut keeps the cat clean without discarding its entire coat. Long hair can cause odors and stains on the carpet, bedding, or furniture, which also helps prevent that from happening.


Cats with long hair are prone to mats if they are not carefully groomed. If your cat is matted, never attempt to remove the mats with scissors at home, as this often results in skin damage. Mats comprise clumped dead hairs, outdoor residues, and other dirt your cat has rubbed against. It can be torturous as they are very tightly attached to the skin of our feline. Our skilled professional cat groomers carefully and patiently clean these mats in your feline's fur.

Full Hair Trimming

Cats who groom themselves excessively, especially those who shed a lot or have long hair, can swallow fur, resulting in a hairball issue. We brush your cat and trim or shave the hair as needed to help with the hairball concern. Depending on how much hair they shed, some cats require grooming appointments every six weeks to maintain a neat appearance. If the cat isn't getting a full haircut, its back legs may need to be thinned out to reduce hair in the back.