Every pet deserves grooming gently and lovingly. It provides many health benefits, including physical and mental development. Grooming is more than just a bath; it's a royal treatment for your pet. At La Jolla Grooming Company, we have professional groomers with expertise to handle your dog. We make grooming fun and enjoyable for your pet. La Jolla Grooming offers a pet spa, dental care, and limited Doggie Daycare. A skilled groomer knows how to enhance your dog's coat and can also provide you with tips and advice on grooming them at home while keeping them calm. Only the best will do for your pet, and we deliver it honoring their requirements.

Garrett & Boston Terior

Private Grooming

Now you can request a private grooming session for your best friend, and they will have their own room just to themselves and your groomer. Pricing is on a case-by-case basis based on the detailing and artistic designing.

Call to schedule your appointment for this stress-free groom and the pampering your four legged friend deserves.


Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

Come Meet Our Family and Staff

We have a beautiful shop just across the street from The Cottage, a famous breakfast/lunch location in La Jolla since 1993. Set your grooming appointment have breakfast or lunch then come pick up your Best Friend clean and BEAUTIFUL.

We have curb-side pick-up and drop-off and 2 Parking spots with short-term parking.